Let the ticking begin….

I thank you for visiting my blog.  For taking this journey with me.  I know not, for certain, what exactly will make the pages of my blog.  I am certain it will involve my children.  We will refer to my 11 year old son as Coco, and my 7 year old daughter as Lou.  We shall refer to my husband, of 15 years, as Him, He, or His.

As you read along you will learn much about my family.  Of how amazing I think my children are.  What accomplishments they’ve made and how I hope, as their mother, I am honoring them and respecting them as they deserve.

You will read about experiences I’ve had, feelings I’ve felt or am feeling, mistakes I’ve made, celebrations over which to be excited.  I’ll blog about my relationship with God.  And how he directs my path.  My thoughts.

As I begin this journey I will be sharing writings from over the last year or so.  Writings that I’ve written and am just now choosing to put in blog form.  Then, once I have entered in all those thoughts, I will begin fresh.  With where I am now.  I’ve journeyed much over the last year or so.  Perhaps both you and I will notice a difference in the items of which I choose to write.  Perhaps not.  Either way, again, I welcome you on this journey with me.

If, along the way, you read something that catches your eye, applies to your own life, or, of which concerns you, please feel free to reach out and contact me with your thoughts, opinions, or feelings.  You can do so on the Contact Page.

For now….let the ticking of my heart and mind begin….


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