Sibling Love

I saw a picture today.  A precious picture.  It was picture of  a “big” brother, holding his baby brother.  I use the term “big” loosely as this particular brother was only about three years old.  This picture brought me back to a glorious day in my very own life.  The day my son, the “big” brother in our household, (he too was only 3), first met his little sister and held her in his arms.

No one, not one of the aunts, nor my husband, not any of the grandparents, not even myself, was more excited about the upcoming arrival of who I affectionately call on this blog, “Lou”, than her “big” brother, Coco (that is his affectionate name also).  My little Coco was two months shy of four when his sister was born.  And, he was over the moon excited about her coming!

Actually, he was the one who foretold of her arrival.  I know it sounds weird, but, hear me out.  A couple months, prior to getting pregnant with Lou, Coco came up to me and said, you are going to have a baby, and it’s going to be a little girl.  I thought he was crazy.  I said, really?  He told me yep.  I kind of laughed at him, and I said, well, what if we have a baby and it’s a boy.  Nope, Coco said, you are going to have a baby and it’s going to be a girl.  I want a little sister.  And, well, he was right.

A couple short months later I found myself pregnant, and, low and behold, week 10 or 12 of the ultrasound, we found out that sure enough, Lou was a girl.  I remember telling my son that he was going to have a little sister and he looked at me, with no shock, and said, I know.  Do you hear an out loud laugh here…it’s mine.  He had so much confidence about all of this for a three year old!!

Coco couldn’t wait for Lou to be born.  He would pat my tummy a lot and tell her hi, and talk to her, read to her.  Then came the time for her to be born.  I went in on a Friday to be induced, and Coco went to daycare. She was my second baby, this should be easy peasy.  Nope!  It took Lou two days to be born.  For two nights, Coco stayed with the daycare family.  My daycare lady told me stories about Coco talked in his sleep those two nights and saying things like, “Why do sisters take so long to get here?  Why hasn’t she come yet?”  I guess he just couldn’t wait to meet her!!  I will say, her stubbornness in arrival should have told me something about her pending personality!

From the day Lou was born, Coco has been amazing with her.  Don’t get me wrong, they are now 10 & 6, and, they have their fair share of fights, (which, quite honestly, being an only child myself, I have never quite understood – shouldn’t they be thankful to have one another?!).  However, when it matters, Coco is caring and protective, kind and loving.  Coco never could get enough of Lou.  He always wanted to hold her, and talk to her, sing to her, play with her.  That was, until she learned to walk and get into his things!!  Once that happened, he didn’t quite find her as appealing as he once had.

Here are two pictures, of my wonderful Coco & Lou, from the day she was born – the first time he held her….my sweet, sweet babies….

These pictures make my heart swell and bring me back to such a very happy day.  Coco was a very prideful big brother, and, I try to remind my children, every day, how lucky they are to have one another.  How, no matter what, they will always have one another to talk to, to reminisce with, to lean on, to have as a friend.  And, I remind Lou that her brother wanted her.  Not a little brother, but, a little sister.  That he wanted Her.  Which reminds me,  a couple years ago, I asked Lou who her best friend was.  Her answer, Coco.  I am pretty certain I shed a tear that day.

 My Coco & Lou, you both bless my life beyond measure….

Originally Written 12Mar15


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