A New Leaf….

And, she attempts to turn over a new leaf….

Yesterday was all about the Hershey’s chocolate bars.

Today was all about being busy.  Grocery shopping, exercising, volunteering in the kids’ classrooms.  Only leaving myself with 15 minutes to shower, get dressed, apply a little makeup, and hit the road!

Exercising at Sky Zone felt good.  Nothing like jumping on a trampoline, for an hour, to get your mind in a good place.  Not to mention your body sore as heck!!  It was a good time, and, something I am hoping to add into my life, weekly.

Volunteering in both kids’ classrooms was great.  To see them both, in their classrooms, be able to interact with their teachers, is something I really enjoy.  Coco’s teacher and I had a great conversation today.

The day has been a pretty good one, and it leaves me with hope.

I know, even as I begin, that there will be days that I falter.  I even know, that on the good days, that there will be moments, within these days, that I will not feel as brave as I felt earlier today.  As, the emotions are sitting, right now, at this very moment, at the base of my heart, at the tip of my throat.  I can feel the tears wanting to well.  And yet, I will push them away.  I will push them away, as, turning over a new leaf does not allow for sitting in the sorrow….

I will focus on the happy.  I will go enjoy my Coco, & my Lou, and I will remember that leaf that I am turning over.  That action speaks louder than words.  And, I will force my actions to mirror my words, and, I will take each day as it comes.  Hoping, praying, that each day I get stronger.

It doesn’t get easier.
You become stronger.

I am wishing, and praying, for stronger….

Originally Written 18Aug15


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