A Week Down

They have survived!  One whole week!

I have survived also.

Coco & Lou have been to school one whole week.  They are both doing well.  However, Lou is struggling.  I can tell it in her temperament.  Lou has a fierce attitude, and yet, she is soft at the same time.  Ever since school started she has been crying, at the drop of a hat.  I tell her no about something, she cries.  Coco picks on her, she cries.  Something happens, anything really, she cries.  And, before you ask the question, no, this is not normal for her.  I mean, yeah, she cries every now and then.  What six year old doesn’t?  However, to cry, about almost everything?  No, that is not my Lou.  She is tired.  I think going to school, all day, has become a bit much for her.  On top of her being tired, there is something else at play here….

Lou misses me.  Should I end that sentence with an ! Or, a ?  It is sweet to know she misses me, however, it is also sad.  Thursday night, her second day of school, she is standing in the hall with me, at bedtime, by her bedroom, and she says to me, “Mom, I like being a 1st grader.  I like my teacher.  I enjoy going to school all day.  It’s just that….I miss you.”  Aww.  I mean, really, Aww!!!!  Sometimes, my Lou is so independent, I forget that she needs me.  That she desires to be around me.  Her admitting this to me, it warmed my heart, and made me feel so special, in her eyes.

After Lou’s confession, I’ve been trying to make certain that we have extra special cuddle time every evening.  That we sit together and read books, or, that I lie with her, at bedtime, a little longer than normal, talking about her day.  I love this little girl of mine so much and feel so very, very blessed to be her mother!

Coco is adjusting well to 5th grade.  I mean, heck, it is his sixth year of school, at the same school.  He does seem, perhaps, a little overwhelmed?  Coco had to do a project for school, an All About Me Gingerbread Man.  He had to answer questions and one of them was, what weighs on your heart?  His response, “Fear of getting a bad grade at school.” He drew a picture of a report card, with an F on it.  My Coco, he is such an old soul.  He has grown up way before his years.  I mean, I realize he isn’t the only ten year old that would answer this way, and yet, how many ten year olds do you know that would answer this question in this manner?

My Coco, he is so afraid of failure.  I am slightly worried about this as he gets older and older and has more and more academic and athletic responsibilities put on his shoulders.  As it is, he will be starting Fall baseball, twice a week, in Sept, that will go through Oct.  Then, in November, he will begin basketball practice.  Games for basketball will run January and February.  However, baseball practice begins again in January, and this will run through July.  And then, it will start all over again.  This schedule does not include any extracurricular groups for school.  And, I promise, he wants to do all of these things.  We’ve talked about what his schedule is going to look like.  How important it will be to allocate his time wisely.  I believe it is good for him to have a busy schedule, based on all of his academic and athletic desires, as I do not imagine it will get any easier as time goes on, into Middle & High School.  And yet, I do worry about him balancing everything, while trying to do it all….perfectly….

I am adjusting to being home alone.  I pick at least one irregular, above and beyond, project to work on everyday at home.  Today’s was cutting back all the dead parts on the rose bushes.  I make certain to pick up the first floor everyday, to make the house look “nice”.  It needs to look like I did something all day!    I have been trying to exercise.  Yesterday was a bike ride, today was a walk with a friend.  I miss Coco & Lou, and yet, 6 1/2 hours does go by fairly quickly.  The biggest adjustment for me has been after school homework.

You see, both of my children want, and need, my attention for their homework.  And, they aren’t very good about sharing me.  Last Wednesday, yes, the very first day of school, both Coco & Lou got homework.  Neither of their homework was due till the following Wednesday, however, they both were determined to work on their homework that night, and get it done.  I am proud of both of them for this.  Yet, it did make things difficult….

All I kept hearing is, “Mom, I need your help.”

“No, Mom, I need your help.”

“I asked her first.”

“But my homework is more important.”

And, the fighting began.  Is it possible to clone myself?  This will all be very interesting.  To see how this after school homework thing plays out over the course of the year.

My Coco & Lou are adjusting well, overall.  I couldn’t be prouder or happier with the both of them.  I miss them.  Very much.  Yet, nothing gives me more pride than watching them both succeed.  One successful week down.  Here is to many, many more successful weeks ahead.

For all of us!

Originally Written 12Aug15


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