When you read the word Beauty to where does your mind go?

Does your mind wander to a place you have been? Perhaps a beautiful lake, with tall aspens and pine trees, the mountains so close you can almost touch them. A picnic table in the middle of it all. The sound of water trickling into that lake.

Perhaps your mind thinks of a child. A Daughter or a Son. Maybe both. The beauty that they offer in their innocence. Their big, wide, learning, playful, loving eyes.

Maybe, your mind thinks of something special to your heart. Say a rainbow that looks like the end is so close, off the back of your deck, that you could actually reach the treasure at the end of it. All you would have to do is follow that rainbow….

Is it possible, when you hear the word beauty, that you think of a friend? The peace and rightness that your best friend provides in your heart. The feeling that settles when the two of you are together. Smiling, laughing, everything being just perfect in your world.

By chance, your mind thinks of an amazing sunrise, right out your bedroom window. The gorgeous colors, shooting across the sky, as the beginning, and the promise, of a new day dawns.

When you hear the word beauty, does your mind think of a beautiful woman? A handsome man?

Beauty…it probably means something different to all of us. Probably elicits a different thought, or, per chance, maybe more than one thought comes to mind when you hear this word. For me all the items above elicit the vision of beauty. Yet, how I define beauty for myself, who I am…that definition of beauty takes on a whole different meaning…

For me beauty often times has meant how I look.

Do people see me as a beautiful woman?

Am I attractive?

Am I sexy?

Do I turn heads?

Do men take a second look at me?

Do women wish they were me?

I’ve heard, a time or two in my life, that I am a beautiful woman. Yet, guess what…

My version of beauty has changed.

It isn’t about the tight dress, top, skirt, or pants that turns everyone’s heads.

It isn’t about the perfect makeup to accentuate my features.

It isn’t the “just right” curls to frame my face.

It isn’t the eye popping, crazy heels, to finish off the look.

Beauty is so much more than that!

You see, I like to think, in addition to looking like a beautiful woman, that I actually AM a beautiful woman. That I accomplish this not by how I look, but rather, through the choices I make, the compassion I show, the friendship I provide, the respect I offer, the love that emanates from my heart.

I don’t want my beauty to be defined by the way I look. I want my beauty to be defined by the person I AM.

Don’t be eye candy, be soul food.

Anyone can be eye candy. It’s pretty simple, really, to apply makeup, put on the tight clothing and high heels, curl your hair to perfection.

But, you know what, it takes a lot more time, energy, and effort to be soul food. To make a difference in someone’s life. To make them feel valued, appreciated, cared about, loved. That’s what I wish to provide. Not the turn of the head. The turn of the heart. The soul. Which doesn’t mean that I won’t wear the clothing, or apply the makeup, don the shoes. It just means that when people see me, or perhaps, take the time to get to know me, they see Beauty In Me for the right reasons.

I had someone say something to this effect to me once, please remember that there is more to a person than just how they look. Although I consider my Super Power to be my memory, I am struggling to remember the exact words that were used. My thoughts on this are the following…

I’ve spent so much of my life being liked and wanted for the wrong reasons. The reasons I’ve been desired, wanted, they were because someone was defining Beauty as a beautiful woman. Not for what was in her soul, but rather, for her being eye candy. I will not do that same thing in return to others. What matters to me is what is in the heart. Conversations that stir me. Laughter that makes my insides hurt. Smiles that can’t be wiped off my face. Anyone can be a pretty face. It takes real character, and, personality, to leave an impact.

 A Soul Food type impact.

Originally Written 16Apr15


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