Broken Yet Amazing & Beautiful

A good friend came over for a visit. You know, girl, no, woman, bonding time. Sitting on the couch, her sipping coffee, me sipping water. I was in my pajamas. Had done nothing more to myself than brush my teeth. Oh, and use the restroom!  You know it’s a really good friend when you can simply relax in the comfort of your own dirty, unorganized home, in your pajamas, and not care an ounce because you are simply enjoying one another’s company!

We covered some pretty serious topics of conversation. Relating to both her life and mine. We cried for ourselves, for one another, with each other, and it was very cathartic.  We both talked about how broken we are. And the things that have brought us to our brokenness. Then she said something that couldn’t be more true. “Even in our brokenness we are both still Amazing and Beautiful.”

Broken, yet, Amazing & Beautiful.

Let those words swirl around in your head a couple of times. They have large impact. And, they are very important to remember, believe, and tell yourself on a daily basis.  I mean, I would wager a bet, every single one of us has brokenness.  Our stories are different, yet, the brokenness is there.  And, every single one of us are in different stages of dealing with and healing our brokenness.

Awhile ago, I saw a post on Facebook, and, it hit me to the core of my own personal brokenness. I’m just going to put it out there….many times, especially recently, I’ve felt weak.  Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t see myself as weak. I see myself as a very strong woman and mother. However, often times, I just don’t feel as strong as I think I should be, or, perhaps, I want to be, perhaps even how I wish others would see me, or, how they actually do see me. And then, I saw this saying and I felt like it hit me smack between my eyes.

Just because you
have a heart and
can’t be mean
doesn’t mean
you are weak.  It
means you are 
STRONG enough
to put the feelings
of others first
before your own.

 It isn’t that I’m weak, it’s that I am always so busy putting everyone else’s feelings before my own, worrying about everyone else’s well being, caring about everyone else, that in the process I’m feeling weak when I really should be feeling strong.  Strong in my ability to put others first. Strong in my ability to care so deeply for others. Strong, because, truly, that is what I am.


I think I’ll allow that thought to swirl around in my mind a few times also.

Did you know that working through brokenness isn’t easy?  It isn’t a walk in the park. A park full of mums, daisies and tulips (although I love tulips, I would enjoy walking through those!).  Working through your brokenness requires taking stock of past decisions, and actions, and, the reasons behind them. If I’m to move on, and, hopefully, make a better decision as a result, I have to reevaluate, possibly even relive, the decisions I’ve made.  I’ve got to be honest, it’s difficult, hard, and sometimes, even painful, to participate in this activity. Yet, because I am Amazing, Beautiful, and Strong, I am walking this path. I plan to come out even more Amazing, Beautiful, and Stronger in the end as a result. So, wish me luck, please, as I take this journey. Because, well, this saying says it all as well….

Right now, you may not be
where you intended to be,
but it’s where you need to
be in order to get to where
you want to go.
-Steven Aitchison

Originally Written 27Mar15


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