Change of Plans

Today was supposed to be a day of fun.

A day of fun, which had been planned for a couple of months now, was supposed to happen today. Tomorrow also, actually. Unfortunately, our plans were changed.

My Coco was scheduled to attend a baseball event at our local MLB facility. He has attended the event twice prior. It involves interacting with the MLB players, their coaches, throwing pitches in the bullpen, running the bases on the actual field, fielding balls at Short Stop, walking through the Team’s locker room, playing a mini game with other kids, competing for the fastest run to first base, participating in a Home Run Derby, (which he was intent on winning this year), plus many other activities. I think I’ve painted the picture. For a boy who loves baseball, this was a day of heaven. His sister, Lou, and I, would sit there today, and tomorrow, taking pictures, rooting him on, watching him, and being proud of and excited for him. Instead, we are sitting at home.

My Coco is sick. Respiratory cold. Worst one he has had in over a year. Breathing treatments every four hours. Which we have done these as recently as this April. However, this time is different. He is worse. Quite a bit worse. Perhaps it is due to coming off of a long weekend. A very long, yet fun, weekend. A baseball tournament, out of town, with a multiple night overnight stay. Four games, swimming, laughing, late nights. The boys on the team, and the parents for that matter, had a blast. However, I think the long days and nights caught up with my Coco.

Digressed…yes, I digressed. I know it happens. You know it happens. Quite often. Back to the purpose of this post. My Coco is pretty darn sick. This morning, at 5:15am, while giving him a breathing treatment, I asked Coco if he wished to go the MLB baseball event. His response, “Mom, I don’t think I should. I have the State tournament this weekend and I want to get better so I don’t let my team down and cannot play this weekend. I am not sure I should go tomorrow, either.”

Wait. What?  He LOVES this event. I mean, LOVES it. Yet my Coco, through his own deduction, has decided to forego today to try to ensure he doesn’t let down his team. Oh, did I mention that he has more baseball. As in his own team, this weekend. Two games on Friday, two on Saturday, and hopefully they play well and can move on and play for the championship on Sunday. If they win, they get rings!!  Oh, another item I didn’t mention, (perhaps I don’t digress as much as I think), we are down to only 9 players on our team. That means no one can be sick, get hurt, or not be able to play, for any reason. OK, they can, however, it also means that we would have to take an automatic out each time it is that boy’s turn to bat. Not ideal to try and win a championship. My son, Coco, he knows all these things, therefore, he wants to get better to play, and, will sacrifice his own personal plans and enjoyment to accomplish it.

Oh, a purposeful digression…Coco also apologized for missing today as he knows the event was not cheap. I reminded him that him, and his health, mean so much more than any amount of money.

Yes, yet again, I am FULL OF PRIDE for my Coco!!  He is growing up, right before my very eyes, and making responsible decisions in the process. That Coco will forego his own pleasures and fun for the good of the team. For games in the FUTURE.  Games that are still three days away. Team before himself. Always.

Oh, did I mention that I am worried about him?  As in, really, really worried about him?  My sleepless nights are about to begin, and, my internal panic, that I try so hard to hide from him, is about to rear it’s ugly head!

Now, if I can just get him healthy by this Friday morning, at 8am. Goal set. Plan in place. Will Coco’s lungs cooperate?  Please don’t allow my son’s sacrifice be for naught…

Originally written 23Jun15

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