Day One of Spring Break

My kids have begun day one of their Spring Break.  Day one of fourteen. On this first day of Spring Break, I sit here with two sick kiddos. One worse than the other. My daughter, Lou, has a cough, a sneeze, a 100.8 degree fever, a sore throat, snotty nose, and, she’s losing her voice.

My son, Coco, so far, only has a sore throat, sneeze and slightly reduced peak flows, (he has asthma).  So, on our very first day of this adventure, (yes, home, all three of us, for 14 days is an adventure – sometimes a grand one, sometimes less than fun), we are all lying around in our pajamas watching Harry Potter.

We are watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is movie five out of eight. Harry Potter has had a commanding presence in my home since my Coco was in the second grade. That is when my son began reading the series of books. Some of the books are over 700 pages long. And my Coco read these books in the 2nd grade!  He read all seven books and then asked me if I would read them also. He wanted me to know what happened in the books so we could talk about them. Of course, that is what I did. Read the books!  I think I got to about book four when my son decided to start reading the books again. Starting at book one. He caught up with me quickly!!  Telling me that if I didn’t hurry, and read more often, and more pages at once, he would surpass me and need the books back so he could continue reading all the books again. I couldn’t have my 9 year old showing me up!  So, I started reading faster.

I really enjoyed the books. More than anything, though, I enjoyed being able to discuss them with my son. After reading the books, we decided to undertake the movies. Coco, Lou, and I watched the first four movies together last Fall. I decided the last four movies probably shouldn’t be watched by my Lou. So, Coco and I watched the last four without her on Fall break last year. Lou has since been able to watch all of the movies, with eye closing along the way, mind you!

The interest in Harry Potter has exceeded the books and movies. Both my son and daughter have wands. Coco has Harry Potter’s replica wand. Lou has Hermione’s. They run around the house pretending to be wizards and yell spells at one another. Sometimes, I join in the fun using a magic kit wand as my own magical wand. Oh, and my Lou, she wishes to marry Daniel Radcliffe one day!!  He is the Harry Potter character in the movie. How cute is that!  He may very well be my 6 year olds’ first crush!  Plus, one of her goals, in school this year, as a Kindergartner, is to read the Harry Potter books.  I think we will wait a couple more years before we try to accomplish that feat.

I am hoping for a speedy recovery of my children’s health. As, I do have things I wish to do with them over these 14 days. Bowling, movies (at the theater), drop in gymnastics, a visit to the library.  If the weather is nice, a bike ride or two. Sickness did not play into my plans. Although, I will admit, being lazy in my pajamas, watching a movie with my kiddos, to ring in the first day of Spring Break, isn’t all bad!  Really, at the end of the day, there isn’t anything I’d rather do than spend time with my children. After all, they are the loves of my life!!
                                                                                             Coco (age 2) & I.

                                                                                             Lou (age 5) & I.

Here is to Spring Break!!  May the adventure contain more of the excitement and grandness than the fighting and less fun, oh, or unplanned sickness.

Originally Written 30Mar15


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