Foiled Again, Batman!!

Oof!  @$&  Ow!  #%?$  Bam?  $*/$

I’ve tried. Three days, last week, I exercised. I didn’t push too hard. Truly, I didn’t.  Yet, it doesn’t seem to matter. My back is still angry with me.   .!$*#

Truthfully, I think it is the golfing, on Friday, that sent me over the edge.  Shucks, Batman…..Why!?!  As, I really hurt.  Again.

Many want something, lots of things, actually, and they just are not attainable. This is where I am.

I want to exercise. I want to be healthy. Quite honestly, I want to eat whatever I want, within reason, and have it not matter as the exercising offsets my poor eating choices and habits. That is where I was. In 2012 & 2013. I exercised almost five days every week. Hard exercise. Cannot walk up the stairs, at the end of the session hard.  Ouch!  /!&$.

Here is the other thing, about me, I cannot eat healthy. Really, truly, I cannot. It isn’t some excuse. I cannot eat raw fruits and veggies. It is something that started in high school. It’s been difficult, and, I miss eating these things, yet, I get by. However, when you cannot eat healthy, and, you cannot exercise…..@?!:#. It makes me cranky, Batman!

The funny thing.  Not funny ha ha, but funny, might as well laugh as what else is there to do….I can eat fruits and veggies when they are cooked, just not when they are fresh. So, if you cut up an apple I cannot eat it. However, if you cut it up, place it in a buttery pie crust, and bake it….Voila….consumption acceptable. I can eat applesauce. Just not fresh. It is frustrating, to say the least!  %*&-!$

Things we want, that aren’t accessible. They surround us in so many different directions, on so many different levels. Here is one of mine.

Drats, Batman……could you just be kind and let the pain finally go away.  It is going on close to 2 years, for goodness sakes!


Originally Written 3Sep15


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