My Predicament

I have quite the predicament on my hands, and, as a result, simply do not know what to do….

My husband and I take turns being the one to put Coco and Lou to bed at night. On my night to put Coco to bed I start with him, and, when I am finished, I head into Lou’s room to tell her goodnight. The opposite occurs when I start my night with Lou. I trade off, every other night, on who I spend more time with. Usually, this belonging to whomever I start the good night routine with.

Regardless of whether I am the first one to put Coco to bed, or, I finish the night with him, our routine is pretty much the same….Coco says his night-night prayer, (with him turning 11, soon, I wonder if this may need to begin being referred to as simply his prayer), we cuddle, talk a little about his day, then lay quietly for the remainder of our time together. Often, I fall asleep with him. I always say there is something about his bed. When, in reality, it is really more about the cuddling, the quiet, and enjoying the relaxation with him!

When I am the first one to put Lou to bed, we read a book, turn off the lights, say her night-night prayer, sing a song, lay there together, yet never silently, as Coco and I do.  She tells me about her day, and about all of her thoughts for the day, and talks about everything, she can possibly think of, to make the night, and our time, last longer. Rarely do I fall asleep, as I do with Coco, as the talking never seems to stop!  🙂  It is OK, it is simply her, being her!

Whichever of my children I didn’t put to bed I end the evening with.  I go into each of their rooms, crawl into bed, lay and cuddle for a couple minutes, then kiss them on the head, tell them goodnight, and…..wait….this is when my predicament begins!!

It is quite the predicament, let me tell you!

When it comes time for me to leave, Coco’s or Lou’s room, when it is my night to be last with them, they both hold on to me, asking me not to leave. They both wish for me to stay, “Just a few more minutes, Mom.  Please don’t go.  Fall asleep in my room, tonight.”  The pleas are adorable, really, and they go on and on. Many times, little hands grab at my arm, threatening not to let me go.  Laughter, and smiles, ensue. Both for them and me. It is quite the sweet little ritual. And, I am not kidding when I tell you that this happens every single night!!  In one room or the other.

I am trying to be funny, about it being a predicament.  My kiddos make me feel so loved, and special, and amazing!!  Yet, I am also being honest when I say that sometimes it is difficult. To hear their requests, and know, that most nights, I cannot appease them, make their wishes come true, is difficult. One day, they won’t be so little anymore. And, the day is probably coming, much sooner than I would like, where almost 11 year old Coco will not wish for me to lie with him, and cuddle, to fall asleep, and stay. And I am sure, when that day occurs, with him, and then eventually with Lou as well, I will rue the nights that I didn’t stay. Even just one minute longer….

Perhaps I need to change my predicament into an opportunity. A wonderful opportunity to put a smile on my children’s faces, and, subsequently, mine as well, and to enjoy more time with one another.  After all, isn’t life really how we see it and what we make of it!?!

Originally Written 24Aug15


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