Opportunity Embraced

I turned the predicament into what it should be, an opportunity, just last night.

As I went to climb out of Lou’s bed her response was, “Please, don’t go,” as she grabbed my arm and put a big smile on her face. I lie there, with her, a little longer, maybe a minute, maybe two, and then I attempted to leave again. This time, her words were, “Don’t leave yet. Never leave. Stay, one more minute,” and the grip, on my arm, became tighter. I stayed, one more minute, and when I got up to leave, this time, she said, “Goodnight, Mom, I love you.”  Smiles, all around, for both of us….

I proceeded to head into Coco’s room. When I got up, to leave his bed, he didn’t hold onto me, as he does most nights.  He didn’t ask me to stay, which he normally does.  He did, however, begin talking to me.  About farts. Yes, farts. He is almost 11 years old, you know!  He then farted. And smiled, a big smile, and started laughing. He then said, “I knew I could make you stay longer.”  Smiles, all around, for the both of us….

Life really is all in how you look at it. These could have been predicaments last night. Issues to be dealt with. Frustration to be experienced, for both my children and possibly myself. Instead, I changed my thinking, and, you know what, it changed the outcome. It was a great opportunity to create loving, fun memories, with both my Coco and my Lou….

Originally Written 25Aug15


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