Rocks My World!

I’ve discovered, or perhaps, I am finally admitting to myself, that I share about my Coco more often than I share about my Lou. Upon coming to this realization, I have forced myself to do some quiet introspection, and, asked myself, Why? I have come to a few conclusions.

As I imagine many of you with more than one child can attest to siblings have very different personalities. This holds very true with my children as well. My Coco is reserved, most of the time. He has two passions in his life, education and athletics. Actually three, let’s add his Mama to that list!!  Coco is very unassuming. He can be a tough egg to get to know. Yet, a joy to get to know. Coco has had anxiety issues he’s had to overcome. Something we have worked on very closely, together, he and I. He listens to my advice and still thinks the sun rises and sets with me. Coco has overcome many obstacles to be the 10 year old boy he is today. I’ve had to read, and do “homework”, to understand him. He was my first child and, most definitely, did not come out with an operator’s manual.  As a result, each and every thing Coco accomplishes, Rocks My World.  Simply by nature of who he started off as, in this world, and who he is becoming. This makes it very easy to recognize and celebrate his accomplishments.



And then there is Lou….


My Lou is outgoing. An extrovert to the nth degree. She has always been comfortable in her own skin. I can remember, at just shy of 4 years old, her leading a group of girls in how and what they were going to play at one of Coco’s baseball games. All of the girls were older than her. Some by as much as 4 years!  I remember at the time thinking to myself, I guess the world needs women leaders too. However, I will have to teach her diplomacy skills!  Lou is very intelligent, just like Coco.  She is also pretty darn athletic, just like Coco.  However, her interests are farther reaching. She loves people, and animals, music, singing, gymnastics and dancing, oh, and performing.  She is independent as heck. She doesn’t really need me. I mean, of course Lou needs me, she is only 6 after all.  Yet, many days, I need to remind her of this fact. She isn’t afraid of anything in this life. She views this life as her oyster. My prediction, as Lou ages, is she won’t be incredibly phenomenal at anything, not because she doesn’t have the ability to be. Rather, because she will choose to be pretty darn good at everything.

You see, my Lou, she Rocks My World everyday. Not by doing anything specific. Rather by simply being her. Through the energy she exudes. The smiles that constantly cross her lips. The laughter she creates in all of us around her. The leadership skills that roll from her being. Her personality that lights up a room. Lou’s accomplishments, they don’t surprise me.  Much of this is due to the air of confidence that emanates from her, simply by being her.  Lou, quite simply Rocks My World, not by anything she does. She Rocks My World simply by being her. And, how amazing is that!!

So, I guess, as I sat and introspected, quietly to myself, on this subject, I came to the conclusion that it is really easy to share about Coco as the “things” he does blow my mind. They Rock My World. His accomplishments are large and impacting. For him and for me. Whereas Lou’s accomplishments, to a certain degree, are really par for the course, as a part of her personality. I mean this as a huge compliment to who she is. Yet, as I type this, I realize that I probably need to do a much better job of recognizing that Lou’s accomplishments, are just that. Great accomplishments to be celebrated just as greatly as Coco’s. Although one’s accomplishments come with ease, and the other’s accomplishments come as a result of overcoming hurdles, they are both making huge strides and huge accomplishments and both are to be recognized, irregardless.

That is my goal. To realize and recognize and allow both of my children to Rock My World.  Both of them through their accomplishments and through who they are. As they grow I hope they both realize how very proud I am of them both. And how very much they both Rock My World!!

Originally Written 1Jun15


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