Vices Suck

We all have them. Right!?  Vices.  And, they suck!

I mean, I hope everyone reading this can answer yes. To having a vice. Only because it makes me feel better to know I am not alone here!

We all have different ones. Some worse than others.

My vice….chocolate, ice cream, perhaps sweets in general.

My favorite chocolate is caramel infused.

My favorite ice cream, anything with chocolate and caramel.

Hmmmm…maybe my vise is really caramel?!

The funny thing….I love chocolate and chocolate bars, but not chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake. Go figure!

When I enjoy ice cream, as my vice, I do so with the container and a spoon. Put it in a bowl?  Nah. Ever make a visit to my home….don’t accept an invitation to eat some ice cream!!  Although, rarely do I have ice cream in my freezer. I know it is my downfall, and, therefore, I try not to stock it very often.

I wish my vice could be exercise. You know, every time I wish to eat something sweet, but stupid, and bad for me, that my butt would exercise instead.  Imagine what the calorie difference might be if I were able to make this happen!

Today, just a little while ago, I ate a Hershey’s chocolate bar. And then, when I was done, I sat there and thought, “Oh, M*****, how stupid!  Why!?”  And after I sat there, for about twenty minutes,  guess what, I went and ate another one.

It seems, I enjoy my vice the most on days, times, moments when I am upset. When I am feeling off. When my emotions get the better of me. Perhaps, if I cannot make my new vice exercising, I should make it writing. Again, it would be far better for me than stuffing my face with calories!

I am going to start working on tackling my vice, and my emotions. Reigning it all in. Being positively focused. Care to join me?  Let go of your vice.  Focus on something better, healthier for you as well?

Vices suck.  They do. They really, really do….

Originally Written 17Aug15


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