We All Remember

Some days, they stick with us. Days that we will always remember.

Sometimes you remember the day for good.

Other times the day sticks out due to bad.

Sometimes the reason is personal.

Then, there are those times, when a day sticks out because it wasn’t about you. Not directly. Yet, it impacted you, all the same.

Fourteen years. It has been fourteen years.

I remember where I was, when I heard of the first tower being struck. I imagine you do as well.

I was at my corporate job. My phone rang; it was my husband. He was calling to tell me that one of the Twin Towers had been hit by an airplane.  I worked in a department of about 30 employees.  I was the first one to be made aware.  I shared the news with everyone else in my department.  Productivity stopped, in our office, at that very moment.

I won’t lie….I was fearful.  Although, at first, I wanted to believe that it was a mistake. A very, very, horrible mistake.  I imagine many others, upon the first hit, wanted to think the same thing.

Then there was the second plane.  The second impact.  And, in that moment, all of us ostriches, all of us glass 3/4 full people, all of us slightly naive, faced the same truth that many others already believed in their hearts, possibly had already admitted in their minds…It was not an accident….

I remeber, as so many others, all that was lost fourteen years ago, today.  I remember the sacrifices, the bravery, the death, the fear, the relief, for those who found loved ones.

My children, 10 year old Coco, and 6 year old Lou, will watch about 9/11 today, on TV. I will teach them about the horrible things that happened, and, that the world isn’t always a safe place. I will also teach them about the great people in this world, who made a difference that day. I will attempt to answer, what I imagine will be, very difficult questions.

My heart goes out to anyone and everyone impacted by the events fourteen years ago.

Originally Written 11Sep15


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