I applied to a job yesterday.  A real job.  A job I can be proud of.  A job to which I can bring real talent.  And, I’m excited!  The job would be as a freelancer, through a website I found that employers hire freelancers from.  The specific job I applied for was as a Project Manager.  This is right up my alley.  Exactly what I was doing when I left my corporate career.  It would require working 4-5 hours/day, during the week.  Which, is great, as it would allow me to help fiscally support my family without interfering with my time with my children.

I realize I may not get the job.  I realize I may not even be contacted for an interview.  Yet, to have the confidence to apply.  To put myself out there.  To know that I would bring so much to this position, and, that I would be great at it….this is a great feeling!  A really, great, feeling….

To look at yourself, and not see value, not see intelligence, not have confidence…..well….that is difficult.  I believe we are works in progress.  Always.  As I go down my path of progress, I am once again finding value….value in myself, and all I have to offer.

I want more.  Out of my life.

I want more.  For my children.

I want more.  To talk about each day.

I want more.  To feel I am a part of something.

I want more.  From myself.

I want more.  For myself.

This feels like that first step to more….

And, this is where I ended it.  Yesterday.  Yet, you see, there is more!!

This afternoon I received an email, asking if I am still available, and interested, in the position; they would like to hold a phone conversation to speak with me about the position.  My excitement, from yesterday, multiply it about ten fold!!

More….that word can take on so many meanings.  For me, right now, it means opportunity.  Simply the opportunity, for even more….

Originally Written 11Sep15


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