Missing in Action….Lots & Lots of Action

So it seems that I went from writing every couple of days to, well, pretty much being Missing in Action.  And, well, if that is your perception, it is very much right on target.  I am Missing in Action.  Lots and lots of it!!

That job I landed….my first official action with a client started on Wednesday, September 23rd.  That was one day prior to my leaving for a little trip for four days.  I left my home on Thursday, September 24th, and returned on Sunday, September 27th.  My boss told me, be ready to hit the ground running upon return from your trip.  Boy, she wasn’t kidding!

I am knee, no, elbow, no, chin deep in my new job.  Fortunately, my mouth isn’t covered, and, I can still breathe.  I won’t lie to you….I am enjoying it.  Yet, I won’t lie to you either and tell you that I am not absolutely overwhelmed!

For starters, I am working for the first time in 7 years.  Count them, 7.  Fortunately, I am in a line of work of which I am familiar.  Picking up on the how I should do what I should do is the easy part for me.  What can I say, so much of my job is about people and administrative work, and I am a people person all the way, and I can perform administrative work with both hands tied behind my back.  The difficult part has been the systems aspect.  Learning all new systems that I have never utilized.  Having to watch training, and furiously take notes.  Really, though, this is simply par for the course for anyone who has a new job.  I realize this, fully.  The most difficult part of this new job thing is finding balance within my life and juggling all the balls.

I am fortunate. In so very many more ways than one.  Yet, as it relates to my new job, I am fortunate as I work from home.  It is all virtual or phone based.  I email, make phone calls, hold virtual meetings where we share our computer screens.  I choose when I work.  Almost entirely.  I worked for 30 minutes this morning, around 6am, and then again at 12:30 this afternoon for about two hours.  I will be leaving here in less than 10 minutes to pick up my children from school, and, I am not anticipating needing to work at all while they are at home.  Score!!

I am fortunate, as, my boss is very nice.  She has told me, “You are one of us.  I just knew, when we did your phone interview, that I wanted to hire you right away.  I could just feel that you fit.”  Wow….to feel valued….that means so very much.  Plus, let’s face it, as I’ve already shared, I haven’t worked in 7 years.  She took a chance on me.  I am very grateful for that.  For her.

Back to juggling.  I think, per chance, I took for granted how privileged I’ve been in not working all of these years.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t simply sitting around all the time doing whatever I chose, and, yet, I picked how my days looked.  Between school, and kids’ activities, I pretty much did what I wanted, when I wanted.  And, while my job is very flexible, I cannot simply disappear for an entire day and get nothing accomplished at work.  Which requires a little more planning and organizing of my life.  Looking at my week as a whole and figuring out where I have time to do things, such as grocery shop.  And, to make certain, that I still have time to volunteer in my kids’ classrooms, as, that is important to them, which, in turn, makes it important to me.  Plus, I still have to figure out how to get everything done here at the house.  It isn’t as if now that I have a job where I work 20 some hours a week that I can expect tons of help in getting everything accomplished.  I mean life has been this way, for all of us, for 7 years.  It’s okay.  I knew it going in.  It simply means more of a juggling act.

I think this new road I am traveling on is going to be a kind one to me.  That it will fit in very nicely with my personality, and, my skill set.  Once I figure it all out.

Fortunate.  I think I will keep telling myself that word in the moments where I feel panicked at all I have to accomplish.  I. AM. FORTUNATE.

Originally Written 1Oct15


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