My Favorite Room in My House

My favorite room in my house.  Simple enough question.  Right?  That was the question I was to answer. At Bible study. In front of all the women in my group.  I thought long and hard. Thinking to myself, “This really isn’t a question you should have to think long and hard about, is it?”

I walked around my house, in my mind.  No, it’s not my bedroom.   Nor is it my sitting room.  Heck, I hardly even spend time in that room.  The family room?  No.  What about the kitchen, or, the dinette area?  Nope.  It started to feel like I wasn’t going to be able to pick my favorite room.

Then, I decided my favorite spot isn’t a place in my house. Rather, it is outside my home that is my favorite.  My backyard. Many a peaceful, happy, family filled moment has been spent out there. And yet, it just didn’t quite seem like the “right” answer. I mean, the question was, after all, “What is the favorite room in your house.” And then, just like that, the answer came to me.

Coco’s bedroom.  Yes.  That answer felt incredibly right. Yet, it also left me with concern. When I tell the women, when I speak the words out loud, ” My favorite room in my house is my son’s bedroom,” what will they think?  What possibly unfortunate image might I leave in their heads, what taste in their mouths.  As I type this, here, I wonder what you, reading this right now, may be thinking in your head as well.  So, allow me to explain….

My Coco, he doesn’t judge me.  He has no real expectations of me.  He accepts me for exactly who I am.  And, guess what, he loves me for who I am also. Does it get much better than that?  I don’t think so.

There is something about a ten year old boy who provides such unconditional love. A ten year old boy who still believes the sun rises and falls with his mom. A ten year old boy who still enjoys cuddling.  And, when it is time for me to leave his room, after putting him to bed, he grabs my arm and asks me to stay longer.  He even tells me he won’t let me leave. Many nights, while lying with him, after the goodnight prayer, and some talking, things get quiet, and, well, what can I say, I fall asleep.  I don’t think I am more relaxed anywhere in my home than I am in Coco’s room.

I was embarrassed to share this. Worried what everyone would think. However, I shared it anyway, as, it is the truth.  Plus, you know something, life won’t always be this way. Coco is ten.  Eventually I may not even be welcome in his room at bedtime.  OK, so I am hoping this is not the case and I have over exaggerated this worst case scenario!

So, there you have it.  My favorite room in my house is Coco’s bedroom.  I know I won’t have the luxury to feel this way forever, so, I plan to enjoy it for as long as I can.  Thank you, Coco, for loving me as you do.  I hope you feel loved the same, in return, by me.

Originally Written 9Oct15


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