Something of Which to be Proud

She dribbled down the court.  Faked left.  Went right.  Pushed hard.  Went for the fading jump shot….And….

She landed the job!!!!

I mentioned I applied for a job.  That was Thursday of last week.  Friday I received the email for the phone interview, which was held on Monday, at 11am.  It went well.  Then she asked for references.  Augh.

Once upon a time, I had blow your mind type references.  A VP of of Continuous Improvement, a General Manager of one of our factories, two Business Unit Leaders of a couple factories.  Now.  Well, most have retired their positions, and, well, as much as I pride myself on my people skills, only one of them meant enough to me, personally, that we have remained in touch.  So…references….

Honesty is always the best policy.  So, I told her my circumstance.  She responded that personal references are often times better anyway.  Perfect!  This I can do.

It is pretty amazing, really, when you sit and think about who you would ask to be a personal reference.  You should do it.  Right now.  Go ahead.  I’ll still be here when you return.  You see, to think of people, in your life, who think highly enough of you to be  a personal reference does wonders for the soul.  You will think of many more people than you first think of, if you give it the time it deserves.  And, in the process, you will remember great things about yourself, and, the pride in your heart will swell, in your chest, for yourself. And, my friends, that is never a bad thing.  To be prideful of yourself.  As long as you do so in a humble way.

I reached out to about 7 people, and decided, after I heard back from them, to make the choice on which ones to use.  That time came in the evening, on Monday.  I had received amazingly supportive responses, and, was ready to send the email with my list of references.  Upon opening my email, to send it on, what I found, instead, blew me away.

A job offer!!  Without the references.  She was impressed, and, wished to offer me the job, right away.  Even without my references.

My first feeling….pride.  The next one….freedom.  I feel stronger, and different.  Knowing I will once again use my brain, my skills.  I am super pumped.  A little nervous.  And, the funny thing, it’s really not that much money.  Really, truly.  But, it’s enough to help.  And, it’s enough to allow me to feel more worthwhile. This is a job of which I can, and I am, proud….that, right there, was one necessity, and, a hurdle in itself.

I am officially employed.  An independent contractor she called me.  Working as a Project Manager.  This works.  That is what I was doing in my corporate job, prior to leaving it.  And, the field of work….something I am passionate about….education.  The best part, though….I will work from home.  No more than 5 hours a day.  Which means….drum roll….it will not interfere with my children!!  I can still be the mom to them that I wish to be!  And, the silver lining, is now I can spoil them a little more, get them things to which I would normally say no, do things we normally may not do.  I am so excited!

So, I’ve made the two pointer.  I got the job.  Now, let’s hope that I continue to make 3-pointer after 3-pointer in accomplishing the job.  And, that I figure out how to juggle everything in my life!!

Originally Written 16Sep15


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