Bob Isn’t the Cheerleader

Who can tell me what Bob the Builder, Spiderman, Hot Wheels, Frogs, and Woody from Toy Story all have in common?

You could answer that they are all things a boy likes.  While you would be correct, it isn’t the right answer to my question.

What they have in common is they are all tableware, plates and bowls, that my ten year old Coco uses for every meal.  As I reached for a bowl for his cereal this morning, Lucky Charms, I realized that I’ve been avoiding the Bob the Builder bowl. That I’ve been avoiding it for some time now.  I guess at 10 Coco just doesn’t quite seem the “Can We Do It?  Yes We Can!” type of boy.  Well, actually, he is that type of boy.  Just not with Bob being the one cheering him on.  If you are lost right now you will have to go watch yourself some Bob cartoons.

As I poured cereal into the Spiderman bowl I wondered, ‘How much longer?’ How much longer do I have before Coco says no to the cartoon tableware and asks to be upgraded to the white dishes that the adults use.  I realize, fully, that the changing from one style to another isn’t a life changing event. Yet, when it does occur, it will mark yet another change, in my Coco.

He’s getting taller, less than a foot from being as tall as me.  I am not ready for that.  Him being my height.  Looking straight into my eyes, or perhaps even down at me.  Especially if he is in trouble.  Yet the time is coming.

Coco weighs 90 lbs now.  I bought him size 14/16 clothes today.  Yes, he’s a big boy.  Not in the way you might think.  He’s simply tall, and has broad shoulders.  He wears a size 7 shoe, which I learned today that size 8 is men’s sizes.  Coco is growing, and changing, so very quickly before my eyes.  That I imagine the request not to use cartoon placeware is not that far away.  It will be one more step to him no longer being a little boy.

Time changes. Life changes. Some days though, I wish I could keep my little guy little.  Bob the Builder reminded me of this just this morning….

Originally Written 16Oct15


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