Eleven is Amazing!!

It seems like just yesterday.  That this little one made me a mom. I was excited, yet nervous. Not really certain what to expect. Thankful for my strength, and stubbornness, that allowed him to be born at all.

Looking at him, now, makes it very clear he was not born just yesterday. No, he was born 11 years ago, this very day. My Coco. Wise beyond his years. I think he was born a respectful, responsible, kind, caring, considerate, compassionate, little old man.

I had no idea what being a mom would mean. The late night feedings. Days off work to care for him when he is sick. Sleeping next to him, while pregnant with his litter sister, letting him vomit on me as he just couldn’t be away from mommy.  Teaching him to read.  Him recommending books to me to read so we can talk about them. Allowing him to stumble, and fall, along his way to figuring life out.  It has been quite the journey, thus far. And, I’m thankful, we are only about half way there….

I had no idea how much I would love Coco.  How my heart could hurt when someone else’s does as well.  That his wants and needs and desires would come way before mine. That sacrifices, in the name of him, and now his sister Lou, as well, would come easily, with no questions asked.

Coco truly is an amazing person.  Caring about two things in this life. Academics and Athletics. May all the rest fall away from the world. He loves his family also.  The last few nights he has come into Lou’s room at bedtime and said, “Goodnight, Lou. I love you.” What 11 year old boy, unprovoked, says that to his sister?  My tender hearted Coco, that’s who. It snowed this week. He held his sisters hand as they walked along the sidewalk into school. No one asked him to. He simply did it to keep her safe.

My heart melts, for this son of mine, every single day. He’s not perfect. Although he strives to be. He’s not expected to be perfect. At least not by me. And yet, I can think of nothing I would change about him. Nothing at all.

I’ve heard it said before that, ” A son is a son till he takes a wife. A daughter is a daughter you have for life.” I hope this saying only holds part way true. I know someday he will grow even bigger wings than he has grown now. I only hope that they don’t fly too far away and that they have an internal GPS to always find their way back to me.  I treasure my Coco. The relationship we have. The young man he is. The dreams he dreams.

May his birthday be happy, wonderful, and everything of which he dreams.  And may he always remember and feel my everlasting love….

Originally Written 13Nov15


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