I’ve Got This….Or Do I?

Some days I am on fire.  As in accomplishing everything in my line of sight. Not dropping the ball on anything. Dare I say even picking up the slack and pieces of things I wasn’t planning on tackling that day.  To call myself on fire may just be very accurate. As often I feel like I am on fire the way I am running around.

Then, well, then, there are the other days. Days such as today.  Where, well, I was still on fire, however, I dropped the ball….

I looked at my calendar last night and determined I had nothing I  had to do today. Absolutely nothing. Today would be my oyster.  I would wrap Christmas presents. Possibly go through things in the basement and give things we no longer need to Goodwill.  I would ship presents.  Buy a few groceries. Yes, that would be the extent of my day.

I woke up about 6am and headed downstairs. I turned on my phone, as I do first thing every morning. And that, my friends, is when the schedule of my day changed.

I read an email from work.  Four of my websites were ready to take live. OK.  No big deal.  Let’s do this.  Can’t take too long, right?  Wrong.  Over the course of my “nothing to do day” I worked 4.5 hours.  Which is fine, good.  Just not what I was expecting.

In between working I shipped all my out of town gifts, but one.  I also grocery shopped for our meat for the week.  I did dishes.  Worked on baseball stuff.  Yes, baseball season is fast approaching.  Believe it or not. The boys need uniforms. Parents need to pay for tournaments. Oh, I also ran to the bank. Baseball money to deposit after all.  I also took a shower this afternoon. Then out the door to get Coco and Lou from school.  Shuttle Lou to gymnastics and now here I am.   Typing and watching. Multi-tasking, it is what I do. Almost every single day of my life.  In almost every single thing I do.

It is here, at gymnastics, that I discovered  that I dropped the ball.  The discovery came as I reached into my purse to grab some hand lotion. Instead, I grabbed the plastic bags I use to wrap hamburger and chicken.  The hamburger and chicken that I got at the grocery store today.  That is when it hit me….the meat I bought for the week is still in the back of my car. Has been all day.  The whole stinking day.

Multitasking….it is my mode of operation.  Here is the thing though. In order to multitask your brain must be in multiple places at the same time.  Apparently, at 10am this morning, my brain was not on the groceries I had just purchased.

The lady at the front desk is all too kind. She gave me permission to place my groceries in their fridge till the end of class.  As I grabbed the meat from the back of my car, I felt it and hoped the day was actually cold enough to keep the food chilled and safe to be eaten at a later time.  It seemed that way to me.  I guess if not my family and I will suffer the consequences.

Multitasking is great. Except for when it’s not. I guess at 10am this morning my brain wasn’t thinking about the groceries I had purchased in the back of my car. No, it was obviously on something else at that moment. I guess it’s OK. Ill continue to multitask, and, most days, I will accomplish much, and say to myself, “I’ve got this.” Till that day, when, much like today, I have it, just not all of it. Oh well!!

Originally Written 14Dec15


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