Knight in Shining Armor

When things get rough, do you wish for, look for, desire, a knight in shining armor?  It is an easy enough thing to wish for, right?  Perhaps not easy to attain, yet, easy to wish for.  Someone to come along, rescue you, from whatever evil, or problem, you are going through.  Riding in on a white horse.  Sword in hand.

But, wait….

When going through a rough time, is this really what we should wish for?  I mean, first of all, how easy is it, really, to find a knight, (a worthy one), to rescue you?  And second, and much more important, in my eyes, should someone rescue you?  Or, should you rescue yourself?

Isn’t there something to be said of recognizing and fighting your own battles?
Of being your own knight?
Wielding your own sword of protection?

I’ve been struggling, lately.  And, I’ll be honest, it would be convenient for the knight to come riding in.  It would be easy to allow, or, perhaps the word is, to ask, the knight to save me.  It would heal part of my heart, perhaps even all of it, for the knight to come to my rescue.  And yet, I do not desire to be the damsel in distress.

If you’re searching for
that one person that will
change your life, take
a look in the mirror.

Take a Look in the Mirror.

Although being rescued may be convenient, and easy, and heal a part, or, all of me, it still isn’t what I want.  I got myself where I am.  To get myself out may not be convenient, nor easy.  It may just be hard work!  And although I might think that the knight could heal me, isn’t it really my job to heal myself?  If I am broken, aren’t I the only one that can truly fix that brokenness. If someone else tries to fix it for me, they won’t know all the hurts, and the experiences, that caused the brokenness to begin with.  I need to stand on my own two feet and be strong for myself and figure that out.

A bird sitting on a tree is
never afraid of the branch
breaking, because her
trust is not on the branch
but on its own wings.
Always believe
in yourself.

Always Believe in Myself.

Although I am not looking for, nor wanting that knight to come rushing in to my rescue, I would like someone to love me through it all.  To stand by my side.  Hold my hand, and my heart.  Help me to be strong.  Please don’t misunderstand.  I don’t wish for someone to be strong FOR me.  I simply wish for someone to allow me to find my own strength and stand along BESIDE me.  In support.  SUPPORT.  That is what I want.  What I need.


Not a knight.

Not a white horse.

Not a sword.


I need Support. 


I suppose, at the end of the day, that is what we all need….

It is interesting to note, there is someone who stands BESIDE me.  Someone who provides His SUPPPORT.  And, no, He is not a knight.  He doesn’t ride in on a white horse.  And He doesn’t have a sword.  Rather, He is with me.  Always.  In my heart.  In my thoughts.  He is a part of my spirit.

The Lord loves me through it all.  He stands by my side.  He holds my hand, if I allow Him to.  And, He owns my heart.  Or, at least, that is His wish.  He helps me to be strong, even though many days I do not acknowledge Him.  Acknowledge the strength He has given to me.  The graphics, above, they say to lean on myself.  While I do agree it is important to realize your own strength, what you bring to your own life, I think it is also important to realize that we are never truly alone.  We do not have to go it alone.

I say I need SUPPORT.  I have it.  I simply have to allow Him to be there.  To ask Him to join me in my walk and to provide me that SUPPORT.  And, you know what, He will….

Originally Written 9Jun15



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