The Greatest Risk

Lou and I watched Cinderella tonight. It was a great time.  Lying in our pajamas. Eating popcorn. Wrapped in blankets. Cuddling. All by 6:30pm.

The time with my little girl was wonderful. The movie was pretty good.  And then there were the words. At the end of the movie.  I swear words find me. Or, perhaps, I find them.

Would who she was. Who she really was be enough. There was no magic to help her this time.  This is, perhaps, the greatest risk that any of us will take. To be seen.  As we Truly are.”  Cinderella 2015

The words resonated with my last writing.  About being Who I AM.  Not trying to be anyone different.  Feeling courageous enough to be yourself.  To realize that things may change you, however, you have to stay you.

Do you ever wonder if you are enough?  I wonder this so often about myself. Often times, many times, falling short. Or at least feeling that I am, or I do.  I think so many of us feel this way. Having this perspective helps. To realize that, by chance, I am not alone in my feelings of wanting to be enough. Of wanting, and needing, to be seen, as I truly AM.  And having who I am be enough.

Originally Written 23Jan16


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