A big word.  Size wise. Fine, not the grandest of them all.  Yet, definitely not the smallest either.

But the meaning.  The meaning of the word is definitely grand. Large and impacting.

Transformation, to me, simply means change. And let’s be honest with one another….not everyone loves change.

Yet, whether you love change, or you hate it, you will find yourself in the thick of it.  At times it will be for the better.  Other times it will just be.  Then there are “those” times.  Times when you wonder why you ever thought that change could be good.

I’ve gone through many transformations.  You have too I am certain.

My physical location has changed.

My profession.

My looks (both for good and bad).

My mindset.

My name.

My heart.

I cannot tell you that I welcome all the transformations that have run through my life.  Some of them have caused deep, soul cutting, pain.  Then there are others that have caused immense, life changing, happiness.  Regardless, all of these transformations have made me who I am today.

Every bend in the road, every change that has come about, has left a large and impacting result in my life.  I find myself trying to understand.  The why’s for the transformations I have gone through.  Sometimes I find answers. Many other times I do not.

Often I think I am not supposed to understand. The transformations taking place.  The path and directions my life have taken, are taking, will take.  Rather, I am meant to trust.  Trust that my life is playing out just as it is supposed to.  I find that difficult to do, at times.  Many times.  To simply trust.

Transformation isn’t easy. Even when it is necessary. The word itself may not be the biggest to write, nor the most difficult to say.  But the effect the word has on life….large and impacting.


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