Summer….The Break from School

I haven’t written in quite some time. My reason, quite simply, is it is summer. Not just the season, but rather, the break from school. Eleven year old Coco and seven year old Lou consume my days over summer break. Something I love. Most days.

Today has been rough. And, where I live, it is only a quarter past nine in the morning.

As I sit here, frustrated, one child in his room, the other in hers, I think to yesterday.

Yesterday, on the way to baseball, (where else would we be going), Lou brought along the BFG.  BFG stands for the Big Friendly Giant. She brought the book with her in the car. Lou wants to see the BFG movie that came out recently. However, I told her first she must read the book. Coco read it in either 2nd or 3rd grade. He liked it very much and it introduced him to the author, Roald Dahl. Lou is doing a good job of reading the book, considering she is entering into 2nd grade at the close of summer break. Add to that the fact that the BFG talks rather strangely and she has many big words to figure out as she reads.

Yesterday was a good afternoon. Lou read out loud to us in the car. Along the way Coco would say things like, “Good job figuring out that word.” When we were just about to the ballpark Coco told Lou, “Thank you for reading to me. You did a really good job.”

As I sit here, taking my own time out, (us parents need them probably as much or more than we give them to our children), I recall this event from yesterday and remind myself that my children are good to one another, they do love each other, and to show them some grace, patience, and understanding.

While I love this time with them, and, I believe they enjoy it with one another as well, it is still a long time “together”. Sharing time, space, their mother. It is about this time, every year, when the little things begin to add up, and, as a result, they aren’t nearly as kind to one another.

Have no fear….that is what I hear in my mind….they still love one another. Perhaps that right there is why I get so upset when they are not kind to each other. I see them as gifts, to and for each other. I want them to see each other that way as well. To appreciate all that the other provides in their life. To value, appreciate, respect, and love each other. I guess, I must just realize that I cannot expect it to be this way all the time.

As I prepare to leave my time out I choose to allow my memory to take me to all the laughter and fun they have had with one another over these last 7-8 weeks. To remind myself that there has been so much more good than bad. And to join them in this day and make certain that today is yet another day where we make memories for the good….


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