Discover Challenge: Superpower

I’ve always considered my superpower my memory. Whether it is words that have been said, or written. Mine or someone else’s. Moments in time that have occurred. Sometimes my superpower has been a blessing, sometimes not. All the same, it is my gift, bestowed upon me.

However, just last week I stumbled upon a much more valuable superpower.


That pretty much sums it up. I don’t know that I’m all that special. I am like many other women out there – wives, mom’s daughters, and friends – all trying to do it all.

Be the sexy, doting, responsive wife. The one the husband wishes to come home to at the end of the day. Definitely don’t want a stunt double when the end of the day rolls around. Make certain dinner is on the table, the house is clean and smelling good, the bills paid, and make damn certain you look good while doing all of it.

As a mom I work hard to plan fun outings for my children on their days off school. Provide a stocked pantry with all their favorite foods and goodies. Tuck them into bed each night. Obliging the wish of, “Mom, please stay just a little longer.” Allow them the experience of participating in their favorite activities. Even if that means running here and there on their schedule, not my own. Cooking and providing dinner after normal bedtime, and finding a way to manage expenses sometimes too deep to truly cover. Despite the difficulty of motherhood, not only would you not want a stunt double, you would never allow it.

I am a daughter who knows that she falls short. I don’t call, nor visit, often enough. I love my mom, dearly, knowing as a mother myself the love she has for me cannot be matched. While I will honestly say there are days I wish I had a stunt double, as she might prove more valuable than myself, it isn’t a possibility, being an only child it all falls to my shoulders. And really, truly, would I want a stunt double, knowing how very deeply my mother’s love runs? Probably not.

Lastly, I’m a friend. I would love to say that I am that amazing friend that you go see girly movies with, is first on the list for the margarita nights, or the friend with the best taste in clothing, resulting in being invited on all the trips to the mall. However, I’m not that friend. In this instance, more than likely, I do have a stunt double. I perhaps even have two or three. I’m easily replaceable. Except when it comes time for talking, confessions, and the need and desire to have your heart and soul heard. Then, I’m your super woman!

Despite all these examples of ways in which I do not need a stunt double, do not wish to have one, or cannot have one, as I am all powerful, I’ve discovered there is an even more important superpower…allowing yourself to rely on help, from others.

I’ve been quite clear that I’m not unique. I’m not the only wife, mother, daughter, friend, trying to hold it all together. Be everything to everyone. Perhaps at the expense of myself. If I’ve convinced myself that I don’t need a stunt double, that I’m the only one who can take care of everything, for everyone, then what happens when I find myself in a span of life where I cannot juggle all of the balls of life…

If you’re superpower is no stunt double, eventually, somewhere, at sometime, you are going to drop the ball, or fall apart. Perhaps both.

I’ve known for a long time that I have a superpower that was bestowed upon me – my memory.

Over time I created a superpower that I try to meet, however, is unrealistic – being everything to everyone.

Which leads me to my recently discovered superpower. Perhaps the most important of all three – the ability to rely on others.

Let’s be honest, life forced this superpower into existence. If it hadn’t, I’d be busy typing to you how being the wife, mom, daughter and friend, and managing it all with a smile on my lips, the high heels on my feet, and a drink in my hand make me all amazing. That juggling all these things make me a superhero. “Look at my superpower,” I would brag!

What really makes me a superhero is when I stop and take heed of the life that is swirling all around me and realize that not only can I not do it all by myself, I do not have to, and, should not want to.

Life has an interesting way of teaching us things. But we have to be willing to stop and watch, listen, and pay attention to what is going on around us. I am thankful that I have stopped to pay attention and come to the realization that I can relinquish my created superpower. It’s much better to focus on the one gifted to you then then one you create for yourself anyway.

To top it off, the discovered superpower, it’s the most real of them all. The most honest and true. “NO stunt doubles, this is all ME…why on earth would I want to accomplish everything on my own when I don’t have to?

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