Leading by Example – Embracing My Gift

I must thank another for the inspiration for this post. Her words, “Even as grown women we still sadly carry some of those child insecurities that we pray our children never have.” Wise, wise, words.

As mother’s we do our best to grow our children to not be afraid. Tackle life head on. Never allow anyone, or anything, to intimidate you. Follow your dreams. Believe in yourself, even when others do not.

Do we follow this same advice when it applies to our own lives?

I’ve written, off and on, for on almost four years. I am not claiming to be the very best writer. Yet, I will own that I am not bad. Let’s even go with the word decent. Perhaps inspiring.

Regardless of what sort of talent others see, or read, in what I write, my writing inspires me. Yes, my own writing, it inspires me. It helps me to see things, sometimes even to feel things, more clearly. I write for what it provides to me, as well as sometimes what it allows to escape. I write as it captures my children’s lives, and I hope to share very many of these posts with them some day. I write as I hope that along the way someone else who reads what I have written will be impacted by it as well, and, it will provide something to them in return.

I hide behind my writing. Afraid of the honesty I share. Concerned what others will think. They will read my words, wonder what they mean, try to figure out some of what I imply. Rather than taking the emotion expressed at face value.

Because of this I haven’t shared my writing with family and friends. I think I need a course correction.

I challenge my children to be brave, unafraid to express themselves. To embrace their vulnerabilities and turn them into strengths. If I believe what I tell my children, and I do, with my whole heart, perhaps I should follow my own advice.

I also tell my children to be proud of their gifts. The ones given to them by God. More honesty, I think writing is one of my gifts from God. If I turn from it I believe I will disappoint Him. Rather, I believe God wishes for me to embrace this gift He has given to me.

Embracing my gift…it starts now. God, please help me to make and leave an impact on those who come across my writing. Please help me to be brave. To face my vulnerabilities. To lead, for my children, and others, by example. To face my fears, and conquer them. To allow those who read what I have written, if they have questions, concerns, thoughts, to come direct to me with them so we can discuss them. Allow us to better understand one another.

Thank you to anyone and everyone who reads what I write. Whether you read every post, dating back to the first one, and make your way to the present, or, you start from today and move forward with me, or, you only read one post. I truly hope I leave an impact.

No longer am I a woman carrying around her childhood insecurities. At least not as it relates to my writing. I may be a grown woman, however, I still may need to take baby steps!



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