A Shout Out to a Great Coach

The baseball season ended three weeks ago. I’ve been trying to find the right words ever since to express how I feel. Being at assessments last night, preparing for the next season to come, really helped to provide perspective and allow the words to fill my heart. Here goes nothing…

All in God’s timing. After many years of being called Coach he once again returns to being Dad.

I thank you, my husband, for every single time you pushed Coco, challenged him, or taught him a lesson, all in the name of making him a better person, player, and young man. I love your outlook. That you believe, whole-heartedly, that you are raising a young man, not enabling a child. We aren’t going back in time, we are going forward. You’ve taught Coco to advocate for himself, to believe in himself, that things worth wanting, and having, are worth working hard to attain. You’ve taught him to follow his heart, to believe in what it tells him, and to have confidence in his decisions and along the way we will support him. I watched that play out in real life last night. Have watched all these lessons play out over the last few weeks. I’ve watched Coco confidently make decisions, which were not easy for him to make, and not once did he waiver, not once did he second guess his decision.

I’ve also watched, over so many years, the delicate balance you’ve found yourself in, being dad and coach. I am immensely proud of how you’ve always handled both roles. Pushing yet supporting. Loving yet expecting more. Assisting yet expecting him to earn himself. Offering your help in the off time, yet waiting for Coco to instigate and request the help so as to not be pushy. I listened as you told Coco to call you Coach when at the field, not Dad, so as to even the playing field. And more importantly, I watched him embrace it, knowing you were teaching yet another lesson in life that went beyond him being your son, your being his father.

I watched you, as a man, coach, father, and husband, breathe life into something that previously did not exist. The result was young men who became great friends. You weren’t always the easiest coach; always setting high expectations, and expecting them to be met. Yet I knew that everything you did was with love for the boys, the team, and the sport. I recognized that you were trying to impart your experience, trying to provide each boy with a better chance of success, both on, and off, the field.

While you may no longer be Coco’s head coach, perhaps not even a coach of his at all on the baseball field, you are a coach to him in all the ways that truly matter…a coach to him in life. I know that you will always hold a very special place in his baseball life, and in his results and success, both on and off the field. I hope you know all of this too. That Coco will never forget the lessons you have taught him that have made him stronger and more prepared for this next chapter in his life. For all the chapters in his life. While one door may be closing, and there is difficulty in that, another door is opening, all because of God’s timing. I am proud of you for recognizing and providing our son with the support he needs to find continued success in this next chapter. And as you provide it to him, please know I will be right here to provide it in return to you.




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