Who am I?

What makes me think that I can write something of which you might be interested in?

First, let’s answer who I am.  I am a mother.  A proud mother.  To two wonderful children.  We will call them Coco and Lou.

I am a wife.  Married to a man whom I have known for more of my life than not.  Yes, when that realization hit me, last summer, it was quite surprising.  Does it make me feel old?  To have spent more of my life with my husband than not?  Perhaps a little.  Does it also make me feel seasoned?  That I may actually have something to share with the world due to my age and my experiences?  Yes, I would say it provides that perspective as well.

I work from home, part-time. Both luxuries I wouldn’t give up for much else in this world. Working part-time, and from home to boot, allows me to enjoy many things in life. Such as attending Bible Study, volunteering in my children’s classrooms, and in their school library, attending anything and everything my children ask me to participate in – do you get the feeling I have flexibility?! Oh, and working from home allows me to contribute to my family, financially. Even if only a little. Having a job, even a part-time one, allows me to be more than simply Coco and Lou’s mom and “his” wife (I believe that is how I will refer to my husband – his, him, he). It allows me to be Me. Something that I think is important for all women, regardless of your circumstance or situation.

Let’s visit the second question. Why do I think you might actually want to read what I have to share? Well, you might not. And, that’s OK. I won’t appeal to everyone, and, I don’t have a need to. What I will share are thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences. You may relate with my experiences. Some of you may not. Regardless, I hope you enjoy or perhaps find some entertainment in reading what I care to share. Plus, many have told me I have a way with words. That is one of the reasons this blog came to life.  I’ve written for quite some time now. For me. The only difference now is that I will be sharing it, with you.

I hope you enjoy what I elect to share. At the end of the day what you read may be humorous or sad, silly or upsetting, informative or only applicable to my life. Regardless, what I share, it is the ticking of my heart and mind.  The way I think, the way I feel, and everything I do in this life, every choice I make, is guided by my heart and my mind….most often, by my heart….


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