transformation A big word.  Size wise. Fine, not the grandest of them all.  Yet, definitely not the smallest either. But the meaning.  The meaning of the word is definitely grand. Large and impacting. Transformation, to me, simply means change. And let’s be honest with one another….not everyone loves change. Yet, whether you love change, or … More Transformation


This one is for the moms out there. The ones who love their children more than anything else in this world. You know who you are. You would sacrifice anything for your children. Not only would you, you have. You will recognize yourself in this post. I had an interesting conversation on Saturday, with my … More Existence

Flower, Butterflies, Rainbows, & All Things Fluffy

I see the cup as half full.  Actually, usually, 3/4 full.  I believe in good.  That it conquers all.  Perhaps I live in a fairy tale world.  Where it is all Flowers, and Butterflies, and Rainbows, and All Things Fluffy.  Last Tuesday, Lou and I, we played a make believe game.  She was Princess of Fluffiness. … More Flower, Butterflies, Rainbows, & All Things Fluffy