Strong and Brave

My little girl is off in surgery. For something minor, tonsils, adenoids, turbinates. Yet, it doesn’t matter, that it’s minor. Not in this mother’s heart. She is my tiny, eight year old little girl who just went to sleep with cotton candy gas. The anesthesiologist told her he was taking her to space. I watched … More Strong and Brave

18 Summers

18 Summers.   That is the thought that keeps running through my head, and through my heart. I am given 18 summers with my children. If I am lucky, perhaps a few more. With one of my children, my 11 year old Coco, more than half of our summers are gone. Time is fleeting. It … More 18 Summers


This one is for the moms out there. The ones who love their children more than anything else in this world. You know who you are. You would sacrifice anything for your children. Not only would you, you have. You will recognize yourself in this post. I had an interesting conversation on Saturday, with my … More Existence

Flower, Butterflies, Rainbows, & All Things Fluffy

I see the cup as half full.  Actually, usually, 3/4 full.  I believe in good.  That it conquers all.  Perhaps I live in a fairy tale world.  Where it is all Flowers, and Butterflies, and Rainbows, and All Things Fluffy.  Last Tuesday, Lou and I, we played a make believe game.  She was Princess of Fluffiness. … More Flower, Butterflies, Rainbows, & All Things Fluffy

The Greatest Risk

Lou and I watched Cinderella tonight. It was a great time.  Lying in our pajamas. Eating popcorn. Wrapped in blankets. Cuddling. All by 6:30pm. The time with my little girl was wonderful. The movie was pretty good.  And then there were the words. At the end of the movie.  I swear words find me. Or, … More The Greatest Risk

And She is 7!!

This amazingly awesome, beautiful, inside & out, great sense of humor, kindest heart, smile which lights up a room, laugh that draws you in, and, brings a smile to your lips, little girl, turns 7 today! Happy, Happy, Birthday, Lou!! This picture above, was taken just a couple weekends ago.  We celebrated her birthday, a … More And She is 7!!