Following HIS Dream

Two nights a week. One weekend day. Five hours total. From January through early March this is the baseball practice schedule. Practice on his own. From conditioning, to fielding balls, to practicing his swing. All practice that occurs on the off-hours is self-directed and initiated by Coco. Games start in March. Run through the middle of July. Practice … More Following HIS Dream

18 Summers

18 Summers.   That is the thought that keeps running through my head, and through my heart. I am given 18 summers with my children. If I am lucky, perhaps a few more. With one of my children, my 11 year old Coco, more than half of our summers are gone. Time is fleeting. It … More 18 Summers


This one is for the moms out there. The ones who love their children more than anything else in this world. You know who you are. You would sacrifice anything for your children. Not only would you, you have. You will recognize yourself in this post. I had an interesting conversation on Saturday, with my … More Existence

My Son Must Like Words Also

Who would like to guess what the following words have in common? Bark, Sofa, Barrel, Rattler, Tropical, Banquet, Collude, Nationalism, Cylindrical, Approximate, Organelle, Adhesion, Olfactory, Serpentine & Inclement The answer is not an obvious one, so, I will cut you a break and give you the answer…. They are the words, in order, that my son spelled correctly to earn himself 1st place in his school’s Spelling Bee … More My Son Must Like Words Also