Strong and Brave

My little girl is off in surgery. For something minor, tonsils, adenoids, turbinates. Yet, it doesn’t matter, that it’s minor. Not in this mother’s heart. She is my tiny, eight year old little girl who just went to sleep with cotton candy gas. The anesthesiologist told her he was taking her to space. I watched … More Strong and Brave


This one is for the moms out there. The ones who love their children more than anything else in this world. You know who you are. You would sacrifice anything for your children. Not only would you, you have. You will recognize yourself in this post. I had an interesting conversation on Saturday, with my … More Existence


I’ve had two occurrences, in the last several weeks, that have led me to wonder what the true definition of forgiveness is.  What forgiveness really means.  What is truly expected of us when we offer our forgiveness?  From the person we forgive.  From ourselves.  From The Lord.  And, how do I figure out what this … More Forgiveness

Anxiety & Hope

Every morning, I have the luxury of being the one to drop my daughter, Lou, off at Kindergarten.  We wait for the doors to open and she heads on in.  Not prior to giving me a big hug, a smile, and a kiss goodbye.  I tell her, everyday, to “have fun, be a good friend, … More Anxiety & Hope