My Son Must Like Words Also

Who would like to guess what the following words have in common? Bark, Sofa, Barrel, Rattler, Tropical, Banquet, Collude, Nationalism, Cylindrical, Approximate, Organelle, Adhesion, Olfactory, Serpentine & Inclement The answer is not an obvious one, so, I will cut you a break and give you the answer…. They are the words, in order, that my son spelled correctly to earn himself 1st place in his school’s Spelling Bee … More My Son Must Like Words Also

A Week Down

They have survived!  One whole week! I have survived also. Coco & Lou have been to school one whole week.  They are both doing well.  However, Lou is struggling.  I can tell it in her temperament.  Lou has a fierce attitude, and yet, she is soft at the same time.  Ever since school started she … More A Week Down

Anxiety & Hope

Every morning, I have the luxury of being the one to drop my daughter, Lou, off at Kindergarten.  We wait for the doors to open and she heads on in.  Not prior to giving me a big hug, a smile, and a kiss goodbye.  I tell her, everyday, to “have fun, be a good friend, … More Anxiety & Hope