A Week Down

They have survived!  One whole week! I have survived also. Coco & Lou have been to school one whole week.  They are both doing well.  However, Lou is struggling.  I can tell it in her temperament.  Lou has a fierce attitude, and yet, she is soft at the same time.  Ever since school started she … More A Week Down

Rocks My World!

I’ve discovered, or perhaps, I am finally admitting to myself, that I share about my Coco more often than I share about my Lou. Upon coming to this realization, I have forced myself to do some quiet introspection, and, asked myself, Why? I have come to a few conclusions. As I imagine many of you … More Rocks My World!

Parent or Referee?

I find myself mid-way through the second week of my children’s Spring Break.  I’m encouraged to say that it is going fairly well.  Especially considering what we’ve had to work with.  Which hasn’t been much. Both of my kids have been sick over Spring Break.  Respiratory colds, for both Coco & Lou, have kept us from … More Parent or Referee?

Sibling Love

I saw a picture today.  A precious picture.  It was picture of  a “big” brother, holding his baby brother.  I use the term “big” loosely as this particular brother was only about three years old.  This picture brought me back to a glorious day in my very own life.  The day my son, the “big” brother … More Sibling Love