Following HIS Dream

Two nights a week. One weekend day. Five hours total. From January through early March this is the baseball practice schedule. Practice on his own. From conditioning, to fielding balls, to practicing his swing. All practice that occurs on the off-hours is self-directed and initiated by Coco. Games start in March. Run through the middle of July. Practice … More Following HIS Dream

Change of Plans

Today was supposed to be a day of fun. A day of fun, which had been planned for a couple of months now, was supposed to happen today. Tomorrow also, actually. Unfortunately, our plans were changed. My Coco was scheduled to attend a baseball event at our local MLB facility. He has attended the event … More Change of Plans


My 10 year old son, Coco, is growing up.  In doing so, he is beginning, very recently, to question the decisions I make and the things I do.  As of late, the things he has been questioning have to do with saving money, or, as I choose to call it, being frugal. When Coco was … More Frugal